As a Healthcare Scholar, you can look forward to a challenging and fulfilling career in Singapore’s public healthcare sector. Because different healthcare professionals have different aspirations and strengths, we have put in place varied career tracks to enable you to progress and specialise in different fields of excellence so that you can best contribute to the public healthcare sector.

As a fresh graduate, you will start from the basic level, where you will primarily focus on building up a strong clinical foundation and honing your clinical skills. As you acquire more experience, you will gain a deeper understanding of your strengths and potential areas of specialisation you may be keen in.

This will also allow you to engage in meaningful conversations with your supervisor, on your professional development plans and career advancement ahead.

As with any other professions, your career progression is ultimately dependent on your performance and potential.


You can choose to advance your clinical skills and become a Nurse Clinician or progress further to become an Advanced Practice Nurse. You can also develop your career in Nursing Education if you have an interest in teaching and mentoring or in Nursing Management if you aspire to lead changes in the healthcare system.


Like Nurses, Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) can advance their career along three distinct career tracks, accordingly to their career aspiration and abilities.

You can look forward to exciting career progression opportunities along the Professional Clinical Track, Education-Research Track or the Management/Leadership Track, after you have built up a strong clinical foundation in the initial stages of your career.

The Professional Clinical Track provides professional development and advancement opportunities for Allied Health Professionals who are keen to further develop their clinical capabilities, with the pinnacle position of an Advanced AHP Clinician. For aspiring leaders, the Management/ Leadership Track will provide you the opportunity to take on leadership positions within the public healthcare sector or at the Ministry of Health Headquarters.

For those who are highly passionate about clinical research, or are interested to teach, mentor and coach the next generation of AHPs, the Research/ Education Track is available for you.