In a world that seems indifferent, you can stand out by making a difference. As a healthcare scholar, you will play a vital role in Singapore’s future by ensuring the health and well-being of our nation’s most important asset: our people. Discover the opportunities and potential of a healthcare scholarship and prepare to make your mark where it really matters.

Community Nursing Scholarship (CNS) (until January 31, 2018)

The Community Nursing Scholarship (CNS) is a scholarship that aims to nurture the next generation of community nursing leaders. It is offered by MOH in partnership with the Regional Health Systems (RHSes) and community care providers, and aims to develop community nurse leaders to shape the future of community care1.
Community nursing leaders will play a central role in the shift of care beyond hospital to the community, to better meet the care needs of the population. They will need to plan, provide and coordinate services that enable patients to receive care at home and in the community, in partnership with community care providers.

[1] Community care includes primary care, transitional care and intermediate and long term care (ILTC) settings. 

WHO DO WE LOOK FOR (Eligibility Criteria)

We are looking for individuals who possess the drive, resourcefulness, passion and potential to lead and serve the community. Applicants must:
  1. Be a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident who will take up citizenship before embarking on studies;
  2. Possess good academic results, co-curricular activities record and communication skills;
  3. Be applying to take up nursing studies in local educational institutions (viz. Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP), Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP), Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies under National University of Singapore (NUS) or Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)) or a post-registration nursing degree programme in MOHH-approved local or overseas universities; or Be a current nursing student in local educational institutions (viz. NYP, NP, NUS or SIT); AND
  4. Have a strong interest to serve in the community and possess leadership qualities.


The CNS will cover nursing diploma and/or degree studies in local educational institutions, as well as local post-registration nursing degree studies. Top scholarship recipients may also be able to pursue post-registration degree studies in reputable overseas universities. Please refer to the table below:
Current qualification Scholarship Coverage
‘O’ level graduates
 3 years nursing diploma studies at Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) or Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP), with  the following degree conversion options:
  • 19-month nursing degree conversion at Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)
  • 1-year nursing degree conversion at MOHH-approved overseas universities with strong community nursing element
‘A’ level graduates or equivalent  4 years nursing degree studies at Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies, National University of  Singapore (NUS)
Existing Nurses with Diploma in Nursing (Degree Conversion)
  • 19-month nursing degree conversion at Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)
  • 1-year nursing degree conversion at MOHH-approved overseas universities with strong community nursing element
Existing Nursing Students
 Remaining period of nursing degree studies for existing nursing students who have completed at  least one semester of study in NYP/NP/NUS/SIT.  

  • Tuition fees and compulsory charges
  • Monthly maintenance allowance*
  • One-off Pre-Studies Allowance*
  • Return economy airfare (for overseas studies only)
  • Sponsorship for approved developmental activities, such as Student Exchange Programmes, Professional seminars and conferences during course of study
  • One-off Commencement award*
  • One-off Distinction award for academic excellence (for those who graduated with at least 2nd upper class honours degree)
Mid-term awardees will receive a full scholarship which includes tuition fees and maintenance allowance from the point of award onwards. In addition, scholars will receive a back payment of tuition fees (excluding maintenance allowance) from Year 1 of study. Pre-Studies Allowance and Commencement award are not applicable for mid-term awardees.
Applicants from Course Duration of Course Bond Period
‘O’ Level Graduates Diploma (NYP/NP) + Local Degree (SIT) 3 years + 19 months 3 years
Diploma (NYP/NP) + MOHH-approved Overseas Post-Registration Degree 3 years + 1 year 3 years
‘A’ Level Graduates or equivalent Local Degree (NUS) 4 years 4 years
Existing Nurses seeking Degree Conversion  Local Degree (SIT) 19 months 3 years
MOHH-approved Overseas Post-Registration    Degree  1 year  3 years


All CNS recipients will undergo a one-year development programme after graduation from their nursing studies. The programme will comprise two six-month clinical postings.
  1. The first posting will be in an acute hospital to allow graduands to be exposed to a wide range of clinical cases and gain hands-on clinical practice, to further hone their nursing clinical skills.
  2. The second six-month posting will be in the community setting to help them develop a deeper understanding of community nursing practice outside the hospital setting, which will help them in their community nursing roles subsequently.

Beyond this, nurses can look forward to continual opportunities to deepen their knowledge and skills.
Applicants Before Graduation After Graduation
Studies Covered under Scholarship 1 Year Development Programme Continual opportunities to deepen knowledge and skills in community nursing
‘O’ Level Graduates 3-year nursing diploma programme*
Overseas post-registration degree programme OR 19-month SIT-University of Glasgow (SIT-UoG) post-registration degree programme*
6-months in Acute Hospital to gain exposure to a wide range of clinical cases and gain hands-on training to hone nursing clinical skills
6-months in Community Care Setting to gain a deeper understanding of community nursing practice
Examples include:
Advanced Dip. in Nursing (Community Health)
Advanced Dip. in Nursing (Gerontology)
Specialist Dip. in Nursing (Gerontology)
‘A’ Level Graduates or equivalent 4-year nursing degree programme at NUS Alice Lee School of Nursing*
Existing Nurses Overseas post-registration degree programme OR 19-month SIT-UoG post-registration degree programme*
*Existing students under the nursing diploma programmes in NYP and NP, as well as those in degree programmes in SIT-UoG and NUS may apply for the CNS.


For each intake, the scholarship application window will be open from 1 September of the preceding year to 31 March. Selection interviews will take place between January and June, with the exception of ‘O’ level graduates for whom the selection interviews will be held between January and February. The regular application cycle for the 2018 intake will commence from September 2017. *
*Please do note that only shortlisted applicants will be notified.

For more information
Email [email protected]
Deadline: 31 Mar 2018, Sat