Education Merit Scholarship (Teaching) (2013-2014)
The Education Merit Scholarship (EMS) is offered to outstanding candidates with a strong passion in Education, for studies at the best universities. EMS scholars will be given opportunities to hold top professional positions in the Education Service depending on their performance.


• Singapore citizens, or Singapore Permanent Residents who take up Singapore citizenship before departure for studies
• Good character, strong leadership qualities and keen passion for education
• Strong CCA records
• Excellent people and communication skills
• GCE ‘A’ levels (with minimum 11 academic units), International Baccalaureate (IB), Polytechnic Diploma, NUS High Diploma or equivalent

Course of Study

Education Merit Scholars are allowed to read the following teaching subjects (i.e. subjects in the curriculum of a secondary school / junior college). The preferred subjects are:

• Languages
• Humanities
• Art and Music
• Physical Education and Sports
• Nutrition & Food Science
• Social Sciences
• Sciences
• Mathematics

Places of Study

Scholars will pursue their undergraduate studies in a reputable university.

Value of Awards

• Tuition fees and other approved charges
• Maintenance and pre-studies allowance
• Return economy airfare (for overseas studies only)
• Sponsorship for approved student exchange programme and Masters degree (if requirements are met)
• Developmental programmes during undergraduate studies (e.g. school attachment)
• Opportunities at HQ and overseas school attachment

Length of Bond

Scholars who pursue their studies in English speaking countries are required to serve a 6 year bond while scholars pursuing studies in non-English speaking countries are required to serve a 5 year bond.

Scholarship Applications

Students who are interested in a PSC or MOE Teaching Scholarship should submit their applications online via the PSC Gateway from 1st September to 10 days after the release of the ‘A’ Level results. Students would only need to indicate the type of Service they wish to apply for (e.g. Teaching, Legal Service, Foreign Service, etc.) in the online application.

Deadline: 20 March 2014, Thursday