MCI Information Service Scholarship

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The Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) offers scholarships to candidates with a passion for government communications work or translation.

As an MCI Scholar, you will be the voice connecting the Government and our people. You will shape public communications and translation capabilities in the public service and engage Singaporeans on national issues.

Upon graduation, you can look forward to a challenging and purposeful career filled with diverse opportunities and developments.

MCI Information Service Scholarship
For candidates with an interest in a career in government communications.

Course of Study
Scholars can choose to study at any local university or recognised overseas universities offering the courses of study allowed under our scholarship.
Scholarship Disciplines of studies
MCI Information Service Scholarship Scholarship is tenable for most disciplines of studies, except Medicine and Dentistry.

Sponsorship Terms
Type of Scholarship Terms of Award Country of Study Bond Period
  • Tuition and other compulsory fees
  • Return economy class airfare
  • Maintenance and other allowances
English speaking countries (e.g. USA, UK and Australia 6 years
Non-English speaking countries (e.g. China) 5 years
  • Tuition and other compulsory fees
  • Maintenance and other allowances
Singapore 4 years

Eligibility Criteria
Applicants must:
  • Be Singapore citizens or Permanent Residents intending to take up citizenship;
  • Possess GCE 'A' Levels (minimum 10 academic units), International Baccalaureate (IB), or Mass Communications Polytechnic Diploma holders (with merit) or equivalent;
  • Have good co-curricular activity (CCA) record;
  • Possess strong leadership qualities with an interest to pursue a career in the Information Service

Scholarship Applications
All applications are to be submitted via the PSC Gateway (please indicate ‘Information Service’ as your first choice of service). For more information, please visit the PSC Gateway website: PSC Gateway Application Page

Please email to [email protected] if you are intending to apply for the MCI Information Service Scholarship in the 2024 Scholarship Cycle.
Deadline: Closed for this cycle

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

The Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) is the lead agency for the Singapore Government Information Service (IS). As the government's communication specialists, Information Officers are involved in a dynamic and diverse range of Government communications work as follows:

  • Develop strategies to communicate government policies effectively to the public and wider global community in an increasingly challenging communications environment.
  • Engage in public consultation to understand ground sentiments, public perceptions and opinions.
  • Cultivate networks and relationships with local and foreign journalists.
  • Channel government information to both the local and foreign media, allowing them to keep abreast of the latest government policies and decisions.
  • Develop and implement nation building strategies and rally Singaporeans together when the country is threatened by a crisis.
  • Enhance foreign perceptions of Singapore as a cultural and business global city through a variety of channels, publications and online platforms.

More information about the Information Service can be found at MCI website on the Schemes Of Service page.

You can also read the Brightsparks article here where MCI scholars share more about the exciting work that they do, and what made them apply for the MCI Information Service scholarship!

Scholars can choose to study at any local university or recognised overseas universities offering the courses of study allowed under our scholarship.

For overseas study, a resource list of where you can find information on the top universities is provided below.

Country of Study Useful References
World University Rankings

You should apply for universities, both local and overseas, on your own. This should be done concurrently with your application for the MCI Information Service Scholarship.

Upon graduation, all scholars will join MCI as an Information Officer.

Information Officers will have the opportunity to work in various capacities in MCI, and be seconded to Government Ministries and Statutory Boards to help in communications of policies and programmes.

As a young officer, you will generally begin your career in MCI where you will receive formal professional and on-the-job training with rotations to divisions and affiliate attachments; or be seconded to serve in the corporate communications department in government agencies. Experienced officers may be seconded to government agencies to assume directorial positions in the public affairs/ corporate communications departments or serve as Press Secretaries to Ministers.

For Translation scholars, you will generally begin your career in the MCI Translation Department and subsequently be posted to other divisions or public agencies where your language capabilities could be tapped on or for exposure to other areas of information work. Experienced Translation scholars could also be further groomed to assume the role of government translators / interpreters. Find out more about the job of a translator here.