What can I expect in a career with IRAS?
You can look forward to being challenged in various tax-related roles, from ensuring compliance by taxpayers to formulating tax policies. There are also opportunities for you to develop leadership and organisational skills through both work and non-work related projects and committees. IRAS provides a vibrant work environment as well as a culture that supports work-life balance.

  What are the career prospects in IRAS?
Our main areas of work are:
  • Customer Service & Taxpayer Education
  • Tax Assessment
  • Tax Compliance & Audit
  • Tax Policy & Research
  • Tax Administration & Enforcement
  • Corporate Services & Law
  • Information Technology

In IRAS, we offer two career tracks - Management Track or Specialist Track. We have an in-house Accreditation Scheme (specifically for Income Tax, Goods & Services Tax and Property Tax) which provides a structured programme for officers to gain technical knowledge.

What are the development opportunities in IRAS?

    • Mentorship by a member of the Senior Management Team to guide and develop you both personally and professionally
    • Job rotations
    • Secondment to external agencies, such as the Ministry of Finance
    • Managed career plan
    • Postgraduate study opportunities
    • Overseas training opportunities

Organization Chart
  For further information, kindly log on to our Career Portal on the IRAS homepage at www.iras.gov.sg or our
Facebook page at www.facebook.com/irassg.