Visualise yourself playing a role in partnering the community to  foster a competitive tax environment for our nation’s growth, leveraging on data, technology and our talents to drive positive socio-economic outcomes in Singapore. 

Organization Chart

What are the career prospects in IRAS?
Think we are all about taxes? That's not it! We have a variety of jobs in IRAS, in both tax and non-tax areas. You can look forward to exposure to different areas of work throughout your career with IRAS
Career tracks

In IRAS, you can be developed along two career tracks – the management path and the specialist path depending on your personal inclination and organisation’s assessment.


What are the development opportunities in IRAS?
Are you someone who's game to be constantly challenged at work? We believe in empowering our staff to expand their potential and broaden their horizon. You will have opportunities for personal and professional development through platforms such as:

 - Mentorship by a member of the Senior Management team to guide and develop you both personally and professionally
 - Job rotations
 - Secondment to external agencies such as the Ministry of Finance
 - Managed career path
 - Postgraduate study opportunities
 - Overseas training opportunities

You would have the opportunities to value-add by playing these roles in your work areas:
Strategist Advisory Multi-disciplinary specialist Engineer of change and growth Analyst Creator
Preparing the managing impact external developments Designing and providing positive experiences for the stakeholders Supporting with skills and expertise in more than one area of specialisation Leading and executing sustainable change identifying opportunities and insights of complex issues Adopting a variety of approaches and continuously refine solutions
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