HTX Scholarship

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Harness S&T to innovate solutions

Harness S&T to innovate solutions that will exponentially impact Singapore's safety and security.

Apply your knowledge

Apply your knowledge to advance S&T with career specializations in diverse areas.

Empower the Home Team

Empower the Home Team with better capabilities to counter tomorrow's threats.

Thrive in a young and vibrant agency

Thrive in a young and vibrant agency.

HTX Scholarship
Are you one who goes to extremes to solve a problem?

At HTX (Home Team Science & Technology Agency), we strive for the best, by pushing the boundaries of Science and Technology so as to overcome current or future threats, for the safety and security of Singapore.
We amplify, augment and accelerate the Home Team’s advantage in solving crimes, securing borders, saving lives, safeguarding data and systems, and enhancing public safety and security.

Jumpstart your career in Science & Technology. Take it to the extreme with us!

  • Singapore Citizen
  • Possess good leadership qualities and potential, as well as good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Passionate about Science and Technology and/or Home Team operations
  • Good academic and Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) records demonstrating good leadership qualities, and/or good interpersonal and communication skills
  • GCE A Levels, International Baccalaureate, Polytechnic or NUS High School diploma, or other high school diploma/certificate.
    • Note: Candidates may apply prior to receiving their final examination results. Should the candidate be found suitable for a scholarship, a provisional scholarship may be offered that is subject to confirmation upon the release of the results.
  • Good University results (for current undergraduates). Current undergraduates must be undertaking undergraduate studies with at least one semester of university results and not be in the final year of undergraduate study.

Scholarship details:
Scholarship Type: Undergraduate
Course of Study: STEM disciplines preferred (Engineering, Computer Science, Sciences or relevant specialisations) or Courses approved by the agency
Country/Region of Study: Countries/Regions approved by the agency

Scholarship Benefits:
  • Tuition fees, maintenance allowance and other approved charges (Tuition and compulsory fees incurred before the award will be back-paid for mid-term scholarship holders)
  • Pre-studies allowance (one-time payment)
  • Travel allowance – Return airfare (if applicable)
  • Sponsorship of Master’s degree (if requirements are met and subject to approval)

Bond period:
  • For undergraduate study in English-speaking countries: 6 years
  • For undergraduate study in non-English speaking countries: 5 years
  • For undergraduate study in Singapore: 4 years

Public Service Leadership Programme (PSLP)
Upon graduation, scholarship holders can opt for the opportunity to be considered for the Public Service Leadership Programme. They will be placed on the Public Service Leadership Programme (PSLP) (General Phase - Engineering) if found suitable. Scholarship holders will deepen their technical expertise in HTX for up to 4 years and will embark on another engineering-related posting in a different agency to deepen their engineering expertise and widen their experience. The type of engineering work will depend on the engineering cluster of the scholarship holder.

The application period for the 2024 scholarship exercise is from 1 September 2023 to 15 March 2024.
Deadline: Closed for this cycle