Health Promotion Board

The Heart of the HPB Experience

Here’s what you can expect at HPB:

Developmental Opportunities
We offer competitive compensation packages and ample opportunities to grow individually and professionally in different areas of work. You will be rotated to various departments within HPB for greater exposure, and be given opportunities to participate in inter-department and inter-agency projects.

Fun and healthy work culture
We believe in "Total Well-Being" and promote the physical, mental and social well-being of all staff. Our Healthy Workforce Committee (HWC) organises sports and recreational activities regularly to enrich the working experience in HPB. After all, healthy living is all about working smart and playing hard.

Flexible and balanced environment
Guided by our philosophy of flexible working, we constantly review and redesign our work practices to figure out the best system, time and place that help our staff be most effective at work. To maximise organisational effectiveness, we offer our staff the option to telecommute off-site once a week.