Health Promotion Board

HPB Sponsorship for the Diploma in Dental & Hygiene Therapy
Sponsorship for the Diploma in Oral Health Therapy

HPB provides sponsorship for outstanding students pursuing a Diploma in Oral Health Therapy. Upon graduation, the sponsored students will have the opportunity to pursue a meaningful career with us.

The HPB Sponsorship covers:  
  • Year 2:  S$900 every month 
  • Year 3: S$950 every month
Successful applicants must commit to their respective bond periods as follows:   
  • 1 year bond for 1 year of sponsorship period   
  • 2 years of bond for 2 years of sponsorship period

For more information, visit our career page at

For enquiries, please contact us at [email protected].
Deadline: 20 Nov 2016, Sun