There is no truly typical day as a HDB Branch Officer. We grapple with a wide spectrum of challenges each day, as we work to shape our estates into harmonious and lively communities. As a HDB scholar, you have the unique opportunity to propose, plan and personally execute policies that directly benefit the residents you interact with daily.

In the day, I may be running multiple regressions on the monthly occupancy statistics of car parks to optimise the distribution of parking lots in the estate. In the afternoon, I may be resolving the woes of our tenants and to oversee the installation of elder-friendly facilities in the flats of our elderly residents. In spite of the challenges I face at work, I derive much meaning and satisfaction from being able to better the lives of residents directly.

Lock Hong Quan
(Master of Philosophy in Economics,
Cambridge & Philosophy, Politics & Economics, Oxford)
I applied for HDB scholarship aspiring to improve the lifestyle of people through the built environment they live in. Upon graduation, I anticipate to be fully involved in the spectrum of public housing design process that HDB offers. I hope to learn more from HDB’s experienced architects about the functional designs of living estates. I believe that it is a good introduction to the work responsibilities and operation of a profession in architecture.

Janis Ho
(Architecture, UCL Bartlett)
The HDB scholarship has offered me the opportunity to pursue a career moulded out of my interest in architecture. As a scholar, I have also been presented with valuable experiences such as an internship and a sponsored overseas exchange programme which have aided in my understanding of the role I play a part as a future architect in Singapore’s public housing landscape. I look forward to learning and growing in a challenging, multi-disciplinary environment with other like-minded individuals who share my commitment towards delivering quality housing for our population. What excites me the most is the prospect that I get to influence the future of public housing and, ultimately shape a desirable and pleasant living environment where people enjoy living in.

Lim Fang Ting
(Architecture, National University of Singapore)
Public housing is an inextricable part of our national identity – it is hard to imagine Singapore without first thinking of HDB flats, with their winding corridors, laundry hanging off bamboo poles, and the void decks. The HDB scholarship has given me the opportunity to be involved in shaping housing policy to meet the changing expectations that residents have of the towns they live in. Through my internship experience, I have realised that HDB's goals are not limited to just providing affordable housing, but also creating and maintaining communities around our homes.

Ian Lim
(Master of Science in Applied Stats,
Oxford & BSc in Statistics and Management for Business, UCL)
Since obtaining the HDB scholarship, I have been provided with many opportunities to learn more about HDB and the housing landscape in Singapore. I was invited to a couple of dialogues with the HDB top management, and was also fortunate to meet with and seek advice from my mentor during an event at the [email protected] I look forward to contributing to the many exciting engineering projects that HDB is embarking on after I graduate.

Ang Sze Yuan
(Civil Engineering, National University of Singapore)