masthead - Who we are

GIC is a global long-term investor that works to secure Singapore's financial future across generations. We manage most of the Government’s financial assets, and invest for the long term to preserve and enhance the international purchasing power of the funds we manage.

We are one of the largest global investors in public market instruments. Investing across both developed and emerging markets, we have established a well-diversified portfolio to produce sustainable, superior returns. Our total Private Market portfolio is spread across private equity, infrastructure and real estate asset classes. This portfolio of private assets is geared towards delivering sustained long-term returns. It is also designed to reap positive real returns from investments with longer holding periods, allowing us to optimise the full potential of the market.

Why reserves matter

The reserves are a critical resource for Singapore’s future. First, they are a valuable buffer or shock absorber during downturns. Second, a strong national balance sheet fosters investor confidence and enhances the stability of the Singapore dollar. Third, income from the reserves supplements government revenues.

Singaporeans benefit from the returns of GIC, as well as of MAS and Temasek, as they supplement the annual Budget through the Net Investment Returns Contribution (NIRC). This contribution has allowed the Government to make further investments for the long term, such as in education, R&D, healthcare and improving our physical environment.

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