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Learning & Development Opportunities

EDB is committed to the professional development of our officers to empower them in their careers. As an EDB Scholar, you will be able to experience unparalleled opportunities:

Education at a Leading University of Choice
You may choose to pursue your undergraduate studies in top universities in the US, the UK, France, Germany, Japan and China, with the option to study in a separate continent for a Master's degree. The EDB Scholarship supports various disciplines of study (except Law, Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy), including but not limited to Engineering, Science and Economics. We also encourage the pursuit of your interest areas beyond these fields of study through a selection of double majors or minors.

Language Immersion and Summer Abroad Programmes
The EDB Scholarship fully supports foreign language development programmes for our scholars. This includes language courses, certifications, and immersion programmes overseas in the country of choice, even before commencement of your studies.

During your study, you can also choose to supplement your classroom experience with Summer Abroad programmes, such as an exchange programme with a foreign university, or pursue a Combined Degree Programme to complete your final year in a foreign university.

Internships at EDB Offices Worldwide
It is important that you pursue your EDB career in areas you are passionate in and we provide multiple opportunities for you to build your networks and understand EDB.

In the summer of your second year at university, you will be attached to a division of your choice for an internship at EDB HQ, where you will own real-life projects, collaborate with colleagues, and be right in the 'thick of action'. There is also the unique opportunity for you to intern at one of our overseas offices in your third year!

Support & Guidance
Throughout your EDB Scholarship journey, our dedicated Scholarship Manager will guide you through your university choices, internships, as well as your transitions out and back to Singapore.

Career Development
Upon embarking your career with EDB, you will join the EDB Associate Programme that is designed for you to learn the requisite skills and prepare you for success. Once you complete the one-year Programme, you will be able to join one of our industry development divisions in strategizing and implementing industry plans and capability development initiatives, and forging key partnerships with companies and government agencies for Singapore's economic success.