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EDB Culture

Team EDB is dynamic and cohesive. We thrive in collaboration and are bold in dreaming big, charting strategies to drive real change in the Singapore economy and lives of Singaporeans.

Yet, it is not all work and no play at EDB!

We welcome and encourage diversity of interests. You will be amazed to find like-minded colleagues enthused in various recreational activities and interests outside of work - be it sports (e.g. badminton, dragon boat, running, yoga, etc), arts, or being gourmet or coffee/wine connoisseurs!


Although we work hard, it's great that we also take the time to have fun together. In my first year in EDB, I took part in our annual Dinner & Dance's dance performance. Learning the different dance styles was challenging - hip-hop, jive, popping and locking, but I had so much fun practising and knowing my fellow dance-mates, and eventually performing on the day itself!

Joshua Lui
Lead, Electronics