Advancing Medicine through Scientific Discovery

MD-PhD Track

Duke-NUS offers an integrated MD-PhD programme that is unique in Singapore to students who wish to further their academic training.

The programme combines medical education with research training to develop clinician-scientists who interface between medicine and science.

This programme is most appropriate for students who are committed to research-oriented careers combining biomedical research with the practice of clinical medicine.

The programme takes a total of 7-8 years to complete. After two years in the MD programme, students embark on the PhD component in either the IBM or QBM PhD programme in lieu of their third-year research programme. Upon completion of the PhD component, students will complete the final (fourth) year of the MD programme. All students admitted into the programme will be offered a full scholarship for the PhD component as well as scholarships to cover tuition fees for their first two years in the MD programme and their final year of MD training.