King's College-Duke-NUS Academic Clinician Pathway

A Tailor-made global learning experience

Duke-NUS Medical School offers various internationally-recognised research and academic programmes in one of the most dynamic and demanding regions for quality healthcare and medical research.

King's College-Duke-NUS Academic Clinician Pathway will enable students to pursue their undergraduate studies in the School of Bioscience BSc at King's College London (KCL), before returning to Singapore to embark on their medical training.

Through the highest quality disciplinary research and interdisciplinary collaborations, KCL contribute insights into and solutions for the world's many diverse challenges, coupled with the rigorous Doctor of Medicine (MD) training Duke-NUS is known for, will train future clinicians who are adept in managing complex problems and global issues in healthcare.

Successful students will graduate with a Biomedical Science BSc (with Honours) upon fulfillment of all requirements of the undergraduate component at King's College London (KCL), followed by a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree from Duke-NUS Medical School.

Programme Highlights

The programme offers a great flexibility for individuals to follow a degree programme that reflects their scientific strengths and interests, with no compromise on high-quality teaching. Students are given the option to study abroad or undertake a work placement during the second and thirds years at KCL.