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Meet Our Scholarship Recipients

Design as a Force for Good

"My role as a designer is not just to create visually stunning pieces but also to engage, challenge, and connect with people on a deeper level.”
- Lim Si Ping

"Don’t blindly chase technology. Use them meaningfully. Find poetic uses for technology. That’s our role as designers."
- Ong Kian Peng

Lim Si Ping and Ong Kian Peng
Lim Qi Xuan

Enhancing Learning Experiences Through Design

“Make it bigger than yourself. Don’t merely consider how the scholarship can benefit you, but rather, contemplate how you can give back to Singapore.”
- Lim Qi Xuan

Transforming the World Through Design

“The DesignSingapore Scholarship provides not just financial support, it is holistic in its support for designers to excel in their fields by helping them expand their networks and build strong industry connections.”
- Chua Jia Xiang

“The scholarship enabled me to go abroad, where I cultivated my thought process and niche interest in printed matter, which had an immense impact on my career trajectory.”
- Azelia Ng

Chua Jia Xiang and Azelia Ng
Ker Siang and Justin

Designed to Inspire

"Design neither comes from a stroke of inspiration nor the whims and fancies of a creative maverick. This I seek to record through publishing stories in various media."
- Justin Zhuang

"Design was not a sexy, trendy, clear and obvious choice of a career for Singaporeans. That motivated me to try something different, to see where it would take me."
- Yeo Ker Siang

Designing a Better Future

"The Scholarship came with excellent resources and a support network, which provided me exposure for an exchange in Delft Technical University, Netherlands, School of Architecture."
- Wu Huei Siang

"If one has the heart to do good and influence using design, this is the Scholarship for you!"
- Justin Tan Wei Yang

Wu Huei Siang and Justin Tan
Sheryl Yap and Rebekah Ong

Designing the Future

"The world is literally at your fingertips when you get to design places, worlds and memorable characters, and bring them to life."
- Sheryl Yap

"There is a growing pool of fashion talent in Singapore, and with our multicultural community, there is great potential for you to build your skillset and find opportunities to make a difference."
- Rebekah Ong

Designed for Success

"The scholarship allows individuals to freely explore and develop their interests and opens up the possibilities for individuals to apply their design sensibilities in other sectors as well."
- Jocelyn Angela Salim

"The scholarship is more than a ticket overseas. Through the scholarship, I met local industry leaders and peers with the same passion for furthering design."
- Cheong Yian Ling

Cheong Yian Ling and Jocelyn
Yip Jing Xin and Jacob Meyers

Better Through Design

"I believe that socially engaged architecture practice that is interdisciplinary – spanning design, research, and community engagement – can make Singapore a better city for all of us to live in."
- Jacob Meyers

"I see the world around me in systems, but more so in stories and human connections."
- Yip Jing Xin

Lead by Design

"(Through my job) I learnt how to combine best practices to develop the understanding of people, context and experience towards the creation of valued experiences."
- Joyce Lu Ruizhi

"Go out, appreciate the larger context, be inspired and inspire others."
- Ho See Jia

Joyce Lu and Ho See Jia
Victoria Koo

Innovation by Design

"You need to bring people along and capture their hearts; you need to be able to design and tell a story."
- Victoria Koo Wei Ai

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