Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Does the DesignSingapore Scholarship support part-time courses?
A1: The scholarship supports only full-time courses.

Q2: Does the DesignSingapore Council have an approved list of design institutions?
A2: We do not have an approved list of design institutions. Courses in any country and institution (both public and private) are acceptable, as long as the institution is reputable and accredited or certified by the respective country's education board. Please refer to Possible Fields of Study for a non-exhaustive list of courses, applicants are free to apply to other design-related courses not listed here.

Q3: Can the DesignSingapore Scholarship recipient accept other scholarships or bursaries?
A3: DesignSingapore Scholarship recipients must declare any other scholarships, bursaries or grants offered by other organisations; and are subject to the Council's approval.

Q4: Is there a session for potential applicants to find out in greater detail about the DesignSingapore Scholarship?
A4: Each year, the DesignSingapore Scholarship Secretariat hosts potential applicants at a scholarship information session. Potential applicants keen to find out more about the DesignSingapore Scholarship; the application process; meet with former scholars as well as the DesignSingapore Council management are recommended to attend the session. This briefing session will be held on 26 February 2019 at the National Design Centre Auditorium.

Q5: What is the maximum number of academic years that the scholarship covers?
A5: The maximum number of academic years that the scholarship covers is four years (which must be pursued in consecutive years with no breaks) as stipulated by the institution. For applications submitted after the course has begun, please refer to Q6.

Q6: How do I apply for the DesignSingapore Scholarship?

Step 1
Complete and submit your online application at the DesignSingapore Scholarship portal:

Please upload the following documents with your online application:
  • Softcopy of your portfolio/project case studies* in PDF format (file size less than 5MB)
  • Academic results and awards
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Record of Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)
  • 1,000-word essay of your personal perspective on design and how you hope to contribute to Singapore's design industry upon graduation
*For applicants from non-design backgrounds and who do not have a design portfolio can submit project case studies. These case studies need to show examples of your design thinking process and outcomes.

Step 2

Submit a hardcopy of your application documents and physical portfolio:

a) By courier/registered mail:
DesignSingapore Scholarship Secretariat
DesignSingapore Council
111 Middle Road
National Design Centre
Singapore 188969

All submissions must be received by the designated date for the new application cycle.


b) In person:

DesignSingapore Council
111 Middle Road
National Design Centre
Level 4
Singapore 188969

Submissions in person must be made on 12 April 2019 between 9.00am-12.00pm and 2.00pm-5.00pm.
All submissions must be received by 5.00pm on 12 April 2019.

Your hardcopy submission must include the following documents:
  • Printed copy of the online application form
  • Certified true copies of relevant academic records and/or transcripts (photocopies of the original must be endorsed by your school or a notary public - please refer to FAQ Q10)
  • Copy of letter of admission to institution (with proposed course of study)
  • Printed copy of information on proposed course of study
  • Printed copy of your curriculum vitae and/or record of activities (including participation in exhibitions, competitions, design activities, awards and accomplishments)
  • Printed copy of your record of Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)
  • Letters of recommendation from two referees (referees cannot be immediate relatives of the applicant). Referees are requested to enclose the letter, seal it in an envelope, and sign across the envelope seal
  • Printed copy of your portfolio and/or samples of your works (development sketches and best works) and/or project case studies, as well as a softcopy (pdf) saved in a CD or thumbdrive
  • Printed copy of 1,000-word essay of your personal perspective on design and how you hope to contribute to Singapore's design industry upon graduation
  • Other relevant supporting documents (if applicable)
Please submit a CD or thumbdrive with following files (in pdf, jpeg or doc format), with file names as follows:
  • [Your Name]: Online Application Form
  • [Your Name]: Academic Records and Transcripts
  • [Your Name]: Letter of Admission to Institution
  • [Your Name]: Information on the proposed course of study
  • [Your Name]: Curriculum Vitae and record of Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)
  • [Your Name]: Portfolio/Project case studies
  • [Your Name]: Essay
Hardcopies of the printed documents should be bound in A4-format folder, and your portfolio in A3- or A4-format. All folders must be labelled securely with your:
  • Name
  • NRIC number
  • Application reference number (Once the online form has been submitted in Step 1, please refer to the top right hand corner of your exported application form, which should read DSG-2019-XX)
Please retain a copy of your application for personal reference. DesignSingapore Council will retain all supporting documents and portfolios submitted.

Q7: My course has started. Can I still apply for the scholarship?
A7: Yes, you may still apply for the scholarship. However, the tuition and compulsory fees, as well as annual living allowance support will only be for the outstanding semesters, not the current one, from the time of award. Candidates will not be eligible for the pre-studies allowance.

Q8: I am a fresh graduate with no working experience. Can I apply for the scholarship?
A8: Yes, fresh graduates may apply.

Q9: I am currently serving National Service. Can I apply for the scholarship?
A9: The scholarship is awarded to successful applicants who have completed full-time National Service before the commencement of studies. Full-time national servicemen can still apply for the scholarship but must complete their national service obligations (without deferment from service), before the commencement of studies.

Q10: What does “certified true copies of relevant academic records and/or transcripts” mean?
A10: All photocopies of school certificates and academic transcripts must be endorsed by your school or a notary public with an official stamp to certify that the copies are authentic. You can do so by bringing all your official certificates and photocopies to the school that you have previously attended, to request that they verify the authenticity of all photocopies with an official school stamp. If you are unable to obtain certified true copies from the respective schools, you will be required to bring your original and photocopy of the certificates and transcripts to the scholarship secretariat for the submission of documents in person.

Q11: Who should my referees address the Letter of Recommendation to?
A11: The Letter of Recommendation should be addressed to: DesignSingapore Scholarship Secretariat DesignSingapore Council. Your referees should pass the Letter of Recommendation in the sealed envelope to you for you to submit with the rest of the documents.

Q12: I have applied for school, but am still awaiting a reply on my admission status from the university. Can I still apply?
A12: Yes, applicants who are awaiting admission into university may apply for the scholarship concurrently, but proof of application must be submitted during the online application. You may attach a receipt or official statement from the university indicating that your application is received and that acceptance is ‘pending'. Do note that Proof of Admission into the institution must be produced by the time of the second interview in May. As a general guide, the scholarship is awarded in August.

Q13: I am planning to apply for a course which commences in January/February of the following year. When should I apply for the scholarship?
A13: Applicants who plan to pursue courses that commence in January/February (e.g. courses in Australia) should make their application a year before the commencement of the course.

Q14: What is the selection process? When will the results be announced?
A14: Shortlisted applicants are required to attend up to two rounds of selection interviews in April and May, organised by the DesignSingapore Scholarship Secretariat. Successful applicants will be informed after all the interviews have been completed. All scholarship recipients must attend a Scholarship Award Ceremony in August.

The DesignSingapore Council reserves the right not to disclose the reasons for approving or rejecting any application, and to reject any incomplete application.

Q15: What is the assessment criteria?
A15: Applicants will be assessed on:
  • Potential to contribute to Singapore's design sector
  • Potential for creativity and leadership
  • Achievements, recognition and experience in design and design thinking
  • Quality of portfolio/project case studies (originality of concepts, depth of development and exploration of ideas, competency in execution, technical ability, and range of work and skills)
  • Academic results and track record of co-curricular activities
  • Articulation and persuasion skills
  • Transdisciplinary design skills

Q16: What is the bond period for a DesignSingapore Scholarship recipient?
A16: The Local Scholarship recipient must fulfil a two to three-year bond in a design-related role in Singapore depending on his/her duration of sponsorship.

The Overseas Scholarship recipient must fulfil a three to five-year bond in a design-related role in Singapore depending on his/her duration of sponsorship.
Duration of sponsorship Bond period
Overseas Scholarship Three to Four years Five years
Less than three years Three years
Local Scholarship Three to Four years Three years
Less than three years Less than three years
The scholarship recipient must be employed in Singapore on a full-time basis in a design-related role with a Singapore-registered company.

Q17: What is the penalty for the DesignSingapore Scholarship recipient who does not fulfil the bond period?
A17: All scholarship recipients must fulfil the bond period stipulated in the agreement contract. The recipient and/or his or her sureties must refund all fees which have been paid, in addition to the compound interest according to the terms stipulated in the agreement contract. Applicants who do not wish to be employed in Singapore immediately upon graduation, should not apply for this scholarship.

Q18: What is the role of a DesignSingapore Associate?
A18: The DesignSingapore Scholarship recipient is designated a DesignSingapore Associate for life. He or she may be assigned to work on DesignSingapore Council projects and initiatives that are developmental in nature. He or she will need to participate in DesignSingapore Associate Network events.

For further queries or clarifications, please contact us at [email protected].