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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about common queries from applicants before you get started. If you have further queries, write to us at [email protected].

We also hold an annual briefing about the scholarship and the application process, which interested applicants are strongly encouraged to attend. The upcoming session will be held in person at the National Design Centre on Wednesday, 28 February 2024, from 7pm to 8.30pm. Click here to register.

What do you want to know about?

Q1: Does the scholarship support part-time programmes?

A1: No. It supports only full-time programmes.

Q2: Is there an approved list of design institutions?

A2: No. The scholarship accepts any institution (both public and private) that is reputable and accredited or certified by the respective country’s education board.

Q3: Can I remain employed during my studies?

A3: No. You cannot work or run a business – whether on a full-time, freelance, or part-time basis – during the course of studies, unless otherwise approved by Dsg.

Q4: Can I accept other scholarships or bursaries?

A4: You must declare any other scholarships, bursaries, or grants offered by other organisations, and these are subject to Dsg’s approval.

Q5: What is the maximum number of academic years that the scholarship covers?

A5: Four years, which must be pursued in consecutive years with no breaks. For applications submitted after the programme has begun, please refer to “Application matters” below.

Q6: How much allowance does the scholarship cover?

A6: This is dependent on your programme of study, whether it is based locally or overseas, and the duration of the support.

Q7: My programme has started. Can I still apply for the scholarship?

A7: Yes. However, the tuition fees, as well as annual living and travel allowance will only cover the outstanding semesters, excluding the ongoing one, from the time of award. You will also not be eligible for the pre-studies allowance.

Q8: I am a fresh graduate with no working experience. Can I apply for the scholarship?

A8: Yes.

Q9: I am currently serving National Service. Can I apply for the scholarship?

A9: Yes. However, you must complete your national service obligations, without deferment from service, before the commencement of studies.

Q10: To submit my portfolio/project case studies, can I provide a link to my online website within my scholarship application?

A10: No. Please consolidate the best works that showcase your creative ability, design process, and potential for the scholarship application. Do take note that the maximum combined upload size accepted by the application portal, BrightSparks, is 20MB. We do not consider portfolios submitted as a link for access or download in the “Website, Large Files and Videos” section of the application form.

Q11: How far back should my academic record and transcript submissions go?

A11: Include your GCE ‘O’ Levels results or equivalent, GCE ‘A’ Levels results or equivalent, polytechnic certificate and transcript, university certificate and transcript, and any other tertiary academic results.

Q12: I am still awaiting to be admitted into an institution. Can I apply for the scholarship?

A12: Yes. You will need to submit a proof of application to the programme in your scholarship application. This can come in the form of a receipt or official statement from the institution indicating that your application is received and pending review. Note that you must produce a proof of admission into the institution by the time of the second interview. As a general guide, the scholarship is awarded in July.

Q13: I plan to apply for a programme that commences in January/February the following year. When should I apply for the scholarship?

A13: A year before the programme commences.

Q14: Can I submit multiple letters of admission to institution(s) in my scholarship application?

A14: Yes. Do rank your preferences for the programmes and/or institutions, and state the respective country, study duration, and your acceptance status for each. Label your files clearly. All programmes to be considered for support must be submitted at the point of your scholarship application. We do not accept changes after the application is received.

Q15: What document is required for information on the proposed programme of study?

A15: A detailed programme syllabus provided by the institution and/or a print-out of the programme description from the institution’s website.

Q16: Who should the Letter of Recommendation be addressed to and what should it cover?

A16: It should be addressed to the DesignSingapore Scholarship Secretariat. The letter should be recent (i.e. dated six months from date of application) and specific to your scholarship application. Your referee may highlight your qualities and achievements, explain the reasons for supporting your application, how you will benefit from this scholarship, and your potential contributions to the design sector, etc. Please note that referees cannot be family members or immediate relatives of the applicant.

Q17: Can my referee send the Letter of Recommendation in confidence?

A17: Yes. Please email it to [email protected] and state the full name and email address of the applicant. The letter must reach us before the closing date of the application. In your scholarship application, upload a document stating that the Letter of Recommendation has been emailed in confidence. The document should also indicate the name, designation, organisation, and email address of the referee to allow us to match the records.

Q18: How do I check if my application has been submitted successfully?

A18: Visit the application portal, BrightSparks, and look for the “Application History” page. Your application status should indicate as “Pending” (see screenshot below). Note that creating a BrightSparks profile is not the same as submitting an application. You are advised to apply well ahead of the closing date as late submissions will be rejected.


If your application on BrightSparks is successfully submitted, you will see this screen with the status indicated as “Pending”.

Q19: Will the selection interviews be held in person?

A19: Shortlisted applicants must attend up to two rounds of in-person selection interviews at the National Design Centre. If you are overseas, arrangements will be made for online interviews.

Q21: What is the penalty if I fail to fulfil the bond period?

A21: All scholarship recipients must fulfil the bond period set out in the agreement. Otherwise, you and/or your sureties must refund all fees that have been paid, including the compound interest according to the terms stipulated in the agreement. If you do not wish to be employed in Singapore immediately upon graduation, we recommend considering alternative scholarship options.

Q22: What is the role of a DesignSingapore Associate?

A22: A scholarship recipient is automatically designated a DesignSingapore Associate. You may be assigned Dsg projects and initiatives that are developmental in nature. You are also required to participate in DesignSingapore Associates Network events.

Applications for the DesignSingapore Scholarship 2024 are now closed.

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