BCA-Industry Built Environment ITE Scholarship (2016-2017)

The BCA-Industry Built Environment ITE Scholarship programme is offered by BCA, in collaboration with industry firms, to students of high calibre pursuing full-time Built Environment (BE) courses at the ITE colleges.

Through these programmes, graduates will enjoy opportunities to build on an exciting and rewarding career in the BE sector.

The programme is structured in two stages:
  • Stage 1 (Full-time Study) provides financial incentives during ITE study
  • Stage 2 (Post-ITE Development) provides a clear progression path and attractive salary for ITE graduates

Tenable Institutions
  • Local ITE Colleges

Tenable ITE Courses
  • Higher Nitec in Civil & Structural Engineering Design
  • Higher Nitec in Electrical Engineering
  • Higher Nitec in Facility Management
  • Higher Nitec in Facility Systems Design
  • Higher Nitec in Mechanical Engineering
  • Higher Nitec in Space Design Technology
  • Nitec in Electrical Technology (Power & Control)
  • Nitec in Facility Technology (Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration)
  • Nitec in Facility Technology (Mechanical & Electrical Services)
  • Nitec in Facility Technology (Vertical Transportation)
  • Nitec in Mechanical Technology
  • Nitec in Space Design (Architecture)
  • Nitec in Space Design (Interior & Exhibition)


Stage 1 (Full-time Study)
  • $7,000 per annum for a maximum of 2 years
  • Advancement to Stage 2 (Post-ITE Development)

Stage 2 (Post-ITE Development)
  • Minimum basic monthly salary:
    • 1st year: $1,850
    • 2nd year: $2,050
    • 3rd year: $2,350
  • On-the-job training
  • Upgrading incentive of $4,000 through industry-recognised training:
    • National Building Qualification (NBQ)
    • BIM Modeling (Architecture / MEP / Structure)
    • Specialist Diploma in BIM

For More Information

For more information, please visit:

For enquiries, please email us at [email protected] or contact:
  • Rachel Leu at 6804 4200
  • Tey Boon Hui at 6804 4212
Deadline: Closed for this cycle
  • The Building and Construction Authority (BCA)