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How an A*Star Scholarship Nurtures

how astar scholarship nurtures

In recognition of the diverse talents, strengths and interests of our PhD scholars, we have created multiple pathways for our scholars, providing them with opportunities to develop and chart their careers in industry, academia, spin-off companies, patent examination, technology transfer and research management after their first two years with A*STAR.

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Our Scholars

Scholar - Rubayn Goh

Rubayn Goh
A*STAR Undergraduate Scholarship and National Science Scholarship (PhD) Recipient
"Besides the resources provided by A*STAR which gave me greater freedom to pursue a PhD of my interest, mentorship and networking were two of the crucial components. Also, being part of the A*STAR Scholars Network brought me together with people of similar interests and passion."

Dr Jasmine Lau and Dr Koh Fong Ming

Dr Jasmine Lau
National Science Scholarship (BS-PhD) Recipient
"I've always enjoyed the intellectual challenge of working with unknowns. As we dive deep into the pursuit for knowledge and discovery, what we gained through the process is equally, if not more, valuable. Coming out from the PhD, I am more confident in evaluating ideas critically, identifying gaps to be addressed and laying out a roadmap and framework towards achieving a solution."

Dr Koh Fong Ming
National Science Scholarship (BS-PhD) Recipient
"The A*STAR scholarship is THE scholarship for anyone who wants a career in research. Beyond the obvious financial benefits, the A*STAR scholarship opened up an entire network of connections, including regular interactions with A*STAR senior management, internships with multiple research labs, and access to the far-reaching network of fellow scholars."