The YHC Way

The YHC Way by Yishun Health Campus is a plan of care personalized to the individual, centred on preventive and rehabilitative care.

Healthcare Scholarships & Sponsorships

We are looking for individuals with the right attitude with the passion and dynamism to serve both patients and the community, and with a strong desire to make a difference to people's lives.

As an employee of Yishun Health Campus, you will be part of the new-generation regional hospital that will serve the community in the northern part of Singapore, a premier healthcare provider in Asia.

If you believe you have much to contribute, we invite you to join us in this exciting journey of learning and growth.

Please click here to read more and apply for the Health Science and Nursing Scholarship administered by MOH Holdings (MOHH). All Healthcare Scholarships are centrally awarded and managed by MOH Holdings (MOHH) on behalf of Singapore Public Healthcare Sector. Healthcare Scholars will serve their bond in one of the three public healthcare clusters upon graduation. The types of Scholarship available include: Local Degree, Local (3+1) and Overseas Degree.

Our Sponsorships

Cluster Sponsorship - Nursing (NITEC) (2016-2017)
Available Full-term/ Mid-term Sponsorship for all ‘N’ and 'O' levels holders admitted to the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) NITEC Nursing course.

Sponsorship Benefit
• Study Allowance
• Study Award
• Overseas Immersion Programme Allowance
• Costs of screening and vacinnation under MOH's requirements

• Gain admission at ITE
• All nationalties
• Good co-curriculum activities record

Tenure of Award:
• 1 to 2 years

Bond period:
• 1 to 2 years

Submit application with a detailed Curriculum Vitae and copy of educational certificates, transcript, letter of offer/ admission form the institution and other documents


Email to [email protected]
Deadline: All Year Round