The YHC Way

The YHC Way by Yishun Health Campus is a plan of care personalized to the individual, centred on preventive and rehabilitative care.

Healthcare Scholarships & Sponsorships

We are looking for individuals with the right attitude with the passion and dynamism to serve both patients and the community, and with a strong desire to make a difference to people's lives.

As an employee of Yishun Health Campus, you will be part of the new-generation regional hospital that will serve the community in the northern part of Singapore, a premier healthcare provider in Asia.

If you believe you have much to contribute, we invite you to join us in this exciting journey of learning and growth.

Please click here to read more and apply for the Health Science and Nursing Scholarship administered by MOH Holdings (MOHH). All Healthcare Scholarships are centrally awarded and managed by MOH Holdings (MOHH) on behalf of Singapore Public Healthcare Sector. Healthcare Scholars will serve their bond in one of the three public healthcare clusters upon graduation. The types of Scholarship available include: Local Degree, Local (3+1) and Overseas Degree.

Our Sponsorships

Healthcare Graduate Studies Award (HGSA) (2013-2014)

The Healthcare Graduate Studies Award (HGSA) is offered by the Ministry of Health to final year undergraduates or recent university graduates who are keen to pursue a Master’s degree in selected health science disciplines.

Apply for the HGSA now and embark on a journey towards a rewarding and fulfilling healthcare career. You will partner a team of dedicated healthcare professionals in providing direct care to patients and contribute to improving the health of Singaporeans through your line of work.


We look for people-centric and dynamic individuals who are passionate to join the public healthcare sector while demonstrating academic excellence, strong leadership qualities and community spirit.

Applicants must:

Be a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident who will take up citizenship before embarking on studies;
Possess a good university degree (2nd upper honours or equivalent); and
Have a strong interest in a career in the public healthcare sector


Audiologists diagnose, treat and monitor patients with hearing-related disorders as well as impart skills on coping with their hearing loss in daily life. They also design and implement hearing screening programmes.

Biostatisticians provide statistical expertise to the medical and regulatory functions and ensure that scientifically valid conclusions are drawn for clinical trials and epidemiological studies.

Clinical Psychology
Clinical Psychologists assess, diagnose and treat mental and behavioural disorders in hospitals or community settings. They also design and implement preventive mental health programmes.

Epidemiologists are medical investigators who perform research on the frequency and distribution of epidemics and diseases within the human population and environment. They form part of the outbreak management team assisting in field investigations, disease control and risk communication.

Health Economics
Health Economists study the function of healthcare systems and health-affecting behaviours to aid in reviewing health policy.

Medical Informatics
Medical Informatics professionals develop and maintain medical systems, software applications and databases for doctors, nurses and other users in hospitals and clinical settings.

Microbiologists perform clinical and public health laboratory tests as well as undertake investigations to detect and analyse pathogens affecting human health.

Public Health
Public Health officers protect and promote health and prevent illness by reducing the burden of communicable diseases through effective disease control and prevention programmes, epidemiological surveillance, field investigations and disease outbreak response and management.

Speech Therapy
Speech Therapists diagnose and provide treatments for patients suffering from voice problems, cognition or swallowing disorders arising from stroke, brain injury and degenerative disorders.


The HGSA application cycle opens from April to May each year.

To apply, please submit your application via the Brightsparks Scholarship website


For more details, please see the FAQ section.

For enquiries, please email [email protected]
Deadline: 18 May 2014, Sunday