About Us

The People's Association (PA) was established on 1 July 1960 as a statutory board to promote racial harmony and social cohesion in Singapore. Our mission is to build and bridge communities in achieving one people, one Singapore.

PA offers a wide range of programmes to cater to Singaporeans from all walks of life - connecting people to people, and people and government. We do this through our network of 1,800 grassroots organisations (GROs), over 100 Community Clubs, five Community Development Councils, National Community Leadership Institute and Water-Venture outlets.

Vision for the community

A Great Home and A Caring Community, where we

  • Share our Values
  • Pursue our Passions
  • Fulfil our Hopes, and
  • Treasure our Memories

The vision statement describes a great home where every Singaporean feels a strong sense of belonging, pride and rootedness, and a caring community where residents take initiative to organise meaningful activities for the community, and where neighbours care and look out for one another.

Our Community, My Responsibility
Every individual in the community can contribute and make a difference. We need your active participation and contribution to help make our community a Great Home and a Caring Community for all!

Our Mission

To Build and to Bridge communities in achieving One People, One Singapore
To achieve our common vision, PA and its Grassroots Organisations will continue to extend its outreach to residents, and enhance the quality of engagement among residents.

Our Motto

Bringing People Together
Come create a great home and caring community with us. Join our PA family.
Find out more at www.pa.gov.sg/careers.