Our Scholars


Derek Sim
Manager, Trade Promotion Group
INSA de Lyon, France

“My overseas education spanned three continents – having
not only read my degree in France (and in French, no less),
I also undertook an exchange programme in South Korea
and an internship in New York. My exposure to three vastly
different cultures really prepared me for my career in IE
Singapore where cross-­cultural communications and
relations are the cornerstone of my work. “

Jocelyn Cai
Centre Director, Mexico City
University of Michigan, USA

“IE Singapore is a very dynamic organisation where you meet people with different ideas and people are encouraged to rotate within the organisation to develop their industry and market experiences. In the last few years, I have been posted to the Electronics and Precision Engineering division, the Americas desk and currently serve as Centre Director of IE Singapore’s Mexico City Overseas Centre. The work requires you to be really versatile and think on your feet, and that’s what keeps me interested in my work.”

Yeow Zhi Ning Jilyn
Manager, Technology Business Group
University College London, UK

“Responsible for the overseas development of Singapore’s infocomm companies, I have to organise business missions, host foreign delegations and uncover new market and sector opportunities. This has allowed me to interact with the top management of foreign MNCs and Singapore-based companies as well as top foreign government officials. Most of the learning on the job really took place through exposure to different markets and interaction with these successful businessmen, something I doubt most people my age are exposed to. “

Mohd Moinuddin Kortiwala
Manager, Middle East & Africa Group
Imperial College London, UK

“IE Singapore understands that for its people to really make an impact on Singapore’s external economy, they need to own a global mindset. Hence, the organisation holistically develops our international market knowledge, business competencies and encourages us to pursue foreign language classes. There is also a strong culture of knowledge sharing, where returning overseas colleagues share their in-market experiences and observations of international best practices with people back in HQ.”