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At PSB Academy, you can look forward to opening more doors to more career opportunities. PSB Academy students Siew Jowen and Hilda Low tell us more.

P SB Academy is grounded in the belief that nothing should stand in one’s way towards pursuing higher education. The institution prides itself on a holistic learning environment and a pool of dedicated educators, all of which seek to bring out the best in its students.

Tapping on its faculty of dedicated and experienced lecturers, PSB Academy equips over 11,000 local and international students with skills for the working world. This is done through the curricula of a diverse range of programmes, which include Accounting and Finance, Business and Communications, Engineering and Technology, Life and Physical Sciences, English and Education, and postgraduate programmes. Its degree and postgraduate degree programmes are awarded and recognised by eminent universities in Australia and the UK.

Two students, Siew Jowen and Hilda Low, attest to PSB Academy’s commitment to prime students for their future careers. As Business students, Jowen is majoring in Banking and Finance, while Hilda in Marketing and Management. They tell us why they chose to pursue their degrees with PSB Academy, and how they are being groomed to become future businesspeople.

Choosing PSB Academy

For Jowen, the go-getter has never been one who was easily contented. Despite already having a law degree under his belt, he wanted to pursue a business degree to complement his law knowledge. He tells us, “Never rest on your laurels! I felt it was important for me to hone my business skills with a business degree. I’ve always wanted to have a good understanding of how businesses work, and my degree is allowing me to achieve that.”

Hilda Low

Hilda Low

Current Student
Bachelor of Business (Marketing and Management), (Full-time) University of Newcastle, Australia

“The ability to graduate in two years and pursue a degree at an affordable fee also greatly appealed to me.”

Jowen’s degree programme in banking and finance is structured and awarded by UK’s Loughborough University. He chose a Loughborough University programme because of the university’s commitment to deliver excellence in teaching and research. “Loughborough University has quite a strong international reputation that assured me of a solid education. At first, I enrolled into Loughborough University’s general business course when I entered PSB Academy, because it would expose me to various business aspects. But a year into undergoing the course, I was given a clearer picture of what I wanted to specialise in – and I converted my general business programme to one in business and finance. PSB Academy was flexible in allowing that,” Jowen shares.

On Hilda’s end, she was determined to enrol into her course of interest – Marketing and Management – after her ‘A’ Levels. She considered her options and set her mind on the programme awarded by Australia’s University of Newcastle.

She recalls, “I wanted to pursue a course of study that was in line with my personal interest. I felt that this was important to me because my interest is vital to my future success. After much research and gaining support from my friends and family, I felt that the University of Newcastle’s programme would be a good choice. The ability to graduate in two years and pursue a degree at an affordable fee also greatly appealed to me.”

A Well-Rounded Education

PSB Academy provides students with a well-rounded education. Jowen and Hilda highlight their lecturers at PSB Academy, who do their best to attend to the queries of their students, as well as the overall curriculum and course work in school.

Siew Jowen

Siew Jowen

Current Student
Bachelor of Science (Hons) in
Business Studies (Banking and Finance), (Part-time)
Loughborough University, UK

“The curriculum and course work may be rigorous, but learning is the central focus at school. It is certainly good to see students from different backgrounds, occupations, and ages learning together and sharing different perspectives.”

Jowen tells us, “The curriculum and course work may be rigorous, but learning is the central focus at school. It is certainly good to see students from different backgrounds, occupations, and ages learning together and sharing different perspectives. We are also given hypothetical challenges to tackle, which prepare us for the working world.”

On Remus’ end, his internship experiences have remained relevant to his current role. He explains, “I worked in the safety department during my first internship, and part of my work scope included going for daily safety inspections and identifying unsafe practices. I learnt a lot about the importance of safety, which remains a top priority for me today. It is good to see that the things I learnt then are still applicable to my job now.”

Hilda agrees with Jowen, adding, “Our lecturers and tutors show dedication in guiding us through the course and sharing life lessons. Not only do they tell us about the experiences they have had throughout their careers – they also give us advice and help us form a better idea of what we want to pursue in future. Their approachable demeanour also makes it less daunting for us to ask questions in class freely.”

She also draws our attention to the benefits of a private institution education, saying, “The private education journey has really surprised me! From giving me opportunities to be involved in student leadership programmes to exposing me to workshop and various activities, I have absorbed countless of learning experiences. There is never a dull moment at PSB Academy because there is always something to do.”

Preparing for a Future Career

At the end of the day, Jowen and Hilda want to make known that there are many roads to career success, and private education is a viable pathway. “Students at PSB Academy are provided with a conducive environment to accelerate our learning and personal development. The skills and knowledge I gain here will help to propel me further towards a career I want,” says Jowen.

With her collection of varied experiences, Hilda sings the same tune. She concludes, “The plethora of opportunities presented to students, including career workshops, campus activities, and multi-cultural events have made me feel more confident about life after graduation. At PSB Academy, we cultivate soft skills and are shaped to become career-ready individuals.”