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Why It Pays to Be Active in CCAs

Wed, 01/20/2016 Deanna Bonaparte
Why It Pays to Be Active in CCAs Many of us have a love-hate relationship with our CCAs. While they provide a platform for us to meet our peers and forget our academic pursuits for a while, they can also be a source of dread especially when deadlines draw near!

But we do not realise how essential CCAs are to our future scholarship and career prospects. This is not only because they enhance our resumes – they also equip us with skills that we are sometimes unaware of.

So why should we, despite our hectic schedules and tight deadlines, be active members of our CCAs? Why is it not enough to be mere members?

Become a Leader

Active members are usually understood to take up leadership roles and be heavily involved in committee meetings. While the thought of having additional responsibilities can be daunting, these responsibilities challenge you to expand your capabilities and give you an understanding of how to lead a team.

These aspects of growth are essential for your future career roles. Our work attitude and qualities are often shaped by our cumulative experiences, and make a difference in the way we take on future work tasks.

Build Connections

As an active member of your CCA, you would probably have had to plan events for your members or rally support from others in some way. In the process, you would have had opportunities to build your network of connections.

This is important because your contacts can be great resources in your future careers. You never know when you might need a tech-savvy acquaintance, a food caterer, or even a t-shirt printing company representative! This is why it pays to start early and build your network of useful contacts in university.

Develop Empathy You may not realise it, but as an active CCA member or leader, you will develop a heightened awareness of how diverse people can be. You will come to understand that not everybody thinks the way you do, and you will learn to better manage others as you progress in your leadership role.

This sense of empathy developed will help you assimilate into your future workplace after you graduate. You will likely be termed an understanding colleague, an easy-going team player, and a perceptive employee.

Highlight Your Leadership Role!

The prospect of highlighting your leadership role in your resume or future scholarship/career interview is one of the most compelling reasons you would take it up. Especially when the admission criteria for a scholarship programme or a job interview is getting increasingly stronger, a track record of being a capable leader will definitely give you a striking edge.

With all that said, don’t just take up a leadership role for the sake of your own benefit. Pursue your roles with a genuine desire to make a difference in your CCA, and you will be able to fulfil them with greater enthusiasm and purpose.

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