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Scholarship Roundup (August 2020)

Fri, 08/07/2020 Zhou Mei An
Scholarship Roundup (August 2020)

University has just started, or is about to start, for many of us. Did you know that many universities offer scholarships as well? We’ve highlighted a few that a worth a look.


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See below:

1.     NUS Global Merit Scholarship

Scholarship Provider: National University of Singapore (NUS)

Summary: The NUS Scholarships are highly coveted scholarships awarded to high calibre individuals who demonstrate academic excellence, present excellent co-curricular activities records and exhibit outstanding leadership qualities. NUS Scholars are expected to contribute significantly to the NUS community while in NUS, and emerge as dynamic global leaders who are capable of effecting a positive change to society after they graduate.


·        Be Singapore Citizens

·        Have strong leadership qualities and potential

·        Have good co-curricular activities record

·        Possess outstanding Singapore-Cambridge GCE A Level, local polytechnic diploma, International Baccalaureate diploma, NUS High School diploma or equivalent qualifications

·        Be applying for admission to a full-time undergraduate degree programme at NUS, excluding Dentistry, Medicine, Music, Yale-NUS College and students in the Law and Liberal Arts Double Degree Programme offered by Yale-NUS College and NUS

Application Period: Closed (Application for AY2020 commenced was from 1 February to 19 March 2020.)

2.     UWA Global Excellence Scholarship

Scholarship Provider: The University of Western Australia (UWA)

Summary: The University of Western Australia is offering scholarships to high-achieving students across the globe who study with us.


This significant scholarship will be awarded to high-achieving undergraduate and postgraduate students, from selected countries, who apply for particular courses at the University.


If you're looking to study in Australia, you could be awarded up to AUD$45,000 for undergraduate studies and up to AUD$30,000 for postgraduate studies to assist with your tuition fees. More details on the eligible courses follow.


·        Be Singapore citizens or Permanent Residents intending to take up citizenship;

·        Possess GCE 'A' Levels (minimum 10 academic units), International Baccalaureate (IB), or Mass Communications Polytechnic Diploma holders (with merit) or equivalent;

·        ‘A’ Level candidates should offer at least 10 academic units;

·        Have good co-curricular activity (CCA) record;

·        Possess strong leadership qualities with an interest to pursue a career in the Information Service

Application Period: All year round

3.     Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) Scholarship

Scholarship Provider: Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

Summary: Of the various types of scholarships that SIT offers, the SIT Scholarship is considered the most prestigious. As the flagship scholarship of SIT, a significant amount of resource is invested in it to cultivate a group of future leaders.


We look for qualities such as commitment, integrity, passion, leadership and a strong potential to embody the SIT-DNA.


We look for outstanding individuals with the potential to be distinguished SITizens to help us shape the student culture at SIT.


·        Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents

·        Outstanding academic results

·        Good CCA Record

·        Strong leadership potential

·        Entering the first year of an undergraduate degree programme at SIT

Application period: 2 Jan – 31 Mar 2020 (Full-term)

20 April – 7 July 2020 (Mid-Term)



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