Top Ten Reasons why NUS Architecture is the Natural Choice in Singapore

1 More than 50 Years as the Established Benchmark in Professional Architectural Education Excellence – NUS Architecture is a proven programme, and the only one professionally accredited by The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), Singapore Board of Architects (BOA) and Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA). Our graduates receive a rigorous professional education and are ready to contribute to the industry.

2 A Programme that Empowers with Choices – Our students can choose from a whole range of creative paths that fit their design talent and research interests: architecture, landscape, urban design, urban planning and architectural studies.  Under a new initiative called “Architecture Plus [+],” students can combine options of study that bring out their fullest potential.

3 Inter- and Multi-disciplinary Quality – NUS Architecture is a department in a comprehensive and globally highly ranked University with a mission to deliver a broad-based education for a Global Citizen & Designer.

4 International Orientation – Our program nurtures cross-cultural, cross-border sensibilities through a wide range of Student Exchange Programmes (SEPs), Overseas Enrichment Programmes (OEPs), joint studios and workshops.

5 Experienced and Distinguished Faculty – Our faculty members have balanced experiences in design and research in diverse settings. They combine their strengths in theory, practice and international exposure to deliver a holistic educational experience.

6 Creative, Critical and Contextual Contents – Our students’ design experiences are augmented by hands-on opportunities under communal settings, to promote social and service enterprises.

7 Asia Research Focus – Our Faculty publications and the problem sets introduced in our research-driven studios revolve around the key and strategic issues facing Asian countries and cities.

8 Social Engagement - The underlying premise of our education is humanistic, communal and embedded in user-centric concerns; and in the best of examples, our teaching approaches combine abstract theory with concrete practices. 

9 Proven & Distinguished Track Record – NUS Architecture has produced many of Singapore’s best designers, architects, researchers and writers, including 4 of the nation’s President Designer of the Year Award recipients. Our alumni are influential in shaping Singapore’s and the region’s built environment that affect the quality of life of millions now and in the future.

10 Your Ambitions and Values – NUS Architecture is as good as the dedicated and driven students who enrol in it.  We believe that our future designers and thinkers seek inclusiveness, liveability and good livelihood, ethical sustainability, environmental and social responsiveness, conviviality, and cultural robustness in our built environments.

Our Programmes – an array of choices
By coursework
Bachelor of Arts in Architecture | BA(Arch) |
Master of Architecture | MArch |

Design track
Design Technology & Sustainability track
Urban Design track
Master of Arts in Urban Design | MAUD |
Master of Landscape Architecture | MLA |
Master of Science in Integrated Sustainable Design | MSc(ISD) |
Master of Urban Planning (new)  | MUP |
By research
Master of Arts in Architecture  | MA(Arch) |
Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture | PhD |

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Bachelor of Arts in Architecture – BA(Arch)
The 4-year Bachelor of Arts in Architecture programme is the first degree in Architecture leading to the Master of Architecture (M.Arch) professional degree. BA (Arch) graduates may join architectural firms or architectural departments of a government or statutory body. Opportunities in related fields include interior design, industrial design, industrialised building systems, graphic design, commercial art, architecture curator, architectural journalism and project management.

Students who have successfully completed the BA(Arch) programme may advance to MArch, MLA, MAUD, MUP or MSc(ISD).

Students who wish to eventually practise as an architect in Singapore should read the 1-year M.Arch programme upon completion of the BA(Arch) progamme in order to have the requisite degree for registration with the Board of Architects (BOA) Singapore.

FAQ for Bachelor of Arts in Architecture

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