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EDB Scholarship


The Talent We Seek:

The EDB Scholarship is awarded to young talent who possess drive, initiative, resilience, creativity and who share our passion and commitment to our vision to lead Singapore into a knowledge-driven global economy.

Throughout your scholarship journey, you will be given opportunities to continually grow, develop and broaden your horizons. These will prepare you not just for a job but to impart valuable insights that will contribute to your development.

Scholarship Benefits:

  1. Education at a Leading University of Choice:
    You may choose to pursue your undergraduate studies in top universities in the US, the UK, France, Germany, Japan and China, with the option to study in a separate continent for a Master's degree. While the EDB scholarship supports disciplines of study in Engineering, Science and Economics, we encourage the pursuit of your interest areas beyond these fields of study through a selection of double majors or minors.
  2. Language Immersion and Summer Abroad Programs
    The EDB Scholarship fully supports foreign language development programs for our scholars. This includes language courses, certifications, and immersion programs overseas in the country of choice, even before commencement of your studies!

    During your study, you can also choose to supplement your classroom experience with Summer Abroad programs, such as an exchange program with a foreign university, or pursue a Combined Degree Program to complete your final year in a foreign university.
  3. Internships at EDB Offices Worldwide
    It is important that you pursue your EDB career in areas you are passionate in, so we provide multiple opportunities for you to build your networks and understand EDB.

    In the summer of your second year at university, you will be attached to a division of your choice for an internship at HQ, where you will own real-life projects, collaborate with colleagues, and be right in the 'thick of action' at EDB HQ.

    There is also the unique opportunity for you to intern at one of our overseas offices in your third year!
  4. Support & Guidance:
    Throughout your EDB Scholarship journey, our dedicated scholarship manager will guide you through your university choice, internships, as well as your transitions out and back to Singapore.


EDB Scholarship is a full scholarship that includes:
  • Monthly living allowance
  • Yearly book allowance
  • Return airfare
  • Settling-in allowance
  • Computer subsidy
  • Warm clothing allowance
  • Excess baggage allowance
  • Foreign Language immersion programme

Meet Our Scholars

"Diversity" would be a word which I would choose to sum up my journey in the past 7 years. In my first 4 years, I experienced a diverse multitude of cultures, peoples, places and ideas. Through UChicago's holistic liberal arts education, I got to try diverse academic disciplines such as Psychology, Cancer Biology, Art History and even Greek Mythology! Because I wanted to appreciate the diversity around me even more, I invested some time learning foreign languages. My interest in Japanese brought me to Kyoto where I spent half a year on a civilization studies programme while my pursuit of Spanish led me to climbing volcanoes in Costa Rica and exploring desert salt plains in Bolivia.

The diversity of experience and broadness of perspective certainly made me more adept at assimilating new ideas and complex concepts, which is a valuable skill to have at work. Being culturally aware also helped me establish points of similarities and develop connections at a more personal level with our client companies and executives who come from diverse backgrounds. Looking back, I'm glad to have embarked on this journey of discovery!

Fabian Tan, University of Chicago, Economics
Masters at Cambridge, Management
Currently Center Director, Korea

Previously Senior Officer, Infocomms and Media, Japan & Korea Desk

EDB has given me unique access to Fortune 500 MNCs and government agencies. It is not often that young officers have the opportunity to gain such keen insight into business strategies and industry practices, and grasp the intricacies of whole-of-government initiatives. There is also a sense of empowerment where we work closely with with senior company executives and policy makers, towards realizing opportunities for Singapore. Ultimately, what makes the EDB Scholarship truly special and meaningful is the opportunity I now have to help create exciting career prospects for my fellow Singaporeans.

Lee Hwee Juin, Stanford University, Biomechanical Engineering and French
Masters at Stanford, Management Science & Engineering
Senior Officer, Biomedical Sciences

Application process

We are in the midst of enhancing our application and selection process. Applications will open in early 2017. Please stay tuned for updates!

Selection Process

We are in the midst of enhancing our application and selection process. Applications will open in early 2017. Please stay tuned for updates!

You can find out more about EDB Scholarships here
Deadline: 10 Mar 2017, Fri