Why IE Singapore

Grooming Global Business Leaders
In today’s globalised world, countries and companies can
no longer rely on their domestic economy alone. To sustain
Singapore’s growth, International Enterprise (IE) Singapore
is tasked to drive our nation’s external economy.

We are looking for enterprising individuals who are interested
in global business and global issues. It is also a must that
you are as passionate as we are about driving Singapore’s
external economy.

What You can Look Forward to
IE Singapore grooms the global business leaders of
tomorrow. Among your colleagues are Ivy League graduates,
industry experts and market specialists, reflecting the
diversity of skills and talents as an organisation with a global
perspective. Our people work closely with Singapore-­based
companies to penetrate overseas markets and bring
recognition to the Singapore brand by being their
international business development partner.

What we offer you is diverse and enriching.

Partnering World Business Leaders
IE Singapore officers have deep market knowledge, strong
industry expertise and access to extensive business
networks worldwide. Work in a dynamic environment where
you can collaborate across government agencies, convene
with C-­Suite executives, exchange views with world
economic leaders and participate in multi-­country projects.

Fostering an International Outlook
Our large physical presence in the form of over 35 overseas
centres allows you to work cross-­borders through job
postings. We offer you tremendous international exposure
ranging from business missions, study trips and short-­term
overseas attachments to interaction with foreign government
officials and companies within and outside Singapore.

Developing Global Ready Staff
We have a culture of knowledge sharing in international
experience and best practices on living, working and doing
business in markets around the world to develop globally
ready staff. We empower our people through various people
development programmes including foreign language
classes, customised workshops and industry specific
conferences. Our Global Executive Programme for new staff
allows you to start out strong with a firm understanding of
international finance, free trade agreements, economic
policies and other essential domains.

So, if you want to contribute towards Singapore’s
development into a thriving business hub with globally
competitive enterprises and leading international traders,
come look us up.